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Investing in real estate doesn't need to be hard. Let us help.

Are you interested in investing in real estate but don’t have the time to dedicate to a real estate project? Then become a 10% Investor!


How it works


The 10% Investor method helps investors find real estate projects that require funding by offering up 10% ownership stakes in a project property. Each investor that signs onto a project will get 10% of any income that property generates, whether it’s from rental income or from reselling (flipping) it. 


People looking for funding can set a limit of how many 10% stakes they want to offer. If they only need to raise 30% for a project then they can offer three 10% stakes. If they need 70%, they can offer seven 10% stakes. 


Why 10% 


There are no guarantees with investing so risking only 10% on a real estate project is a much smarter bet. The risk on a $40,000 investment is a lot easier to justify than a $200,000 investment. And because you will be a partial owner, your name can also be added to the title of the property to secure your investment. 


For the person looking for funding, the 10% Investor method allows them to control how much ownership they want to offer up on a real estate project and makes it easier for them to find the funding they require to get started.


Example of a 10% Investor deal


Barry has found an excellent real estate deal that would work well as a vacation rental property. In order to secure the mortgage and cover the initial costs, he requires $400,000. He opts to offer five 10% stakes for $80,000 each. 


Linda, Steve, Brock, Lashawn and Kerry invest in the project, and each receive a 10% ownership in the property. This agreement gives them 10% of all yearly income after expenses and 10% of the final sale price of the property after five years. 


Over the course of the five years the property generates an average of $60,000 a year in income after expenses. Each investor earns a total of $30,000 during this time. The property is then sold for $1.2M, of which $120,000 is paid to each investor. Each investor makes $70,000 on top of their initial $80,000 investment - a 13% return on investment!

Piggy Bank
Become a 10% Investor

Does being a 10% Investor sound like an investment strategy for you? Fill out the form below and let us help connect you to real estate projects. 

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