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Short Term Rental in the Poconos

This is a four bedroom home in a private community in the Poconos. The community includes several beaches and a pool. This property is an active short term rental. The property is listed for $400k. I am getting a DSCR loan for $280,000 and seeking to raise $150,000 for down payment and closing costs.


I own two short term rentals, one profiting $40k annually and the other $80k. I have two STRs in addition to this one that will be starting in January.

I own 70 buildings (130 doors) that are generating $30k a month profit. My net worth is around $5 Million.

Required funding

Seeking to raise $150,000


Poconos (Pennsylvania)

How many 10% stakes being offered

Three 10% stakes are available 

Potential income

Projecting $40,000 profit annually, which would increase yearly

Connect with project

Interested in this real estate project? Email and quote 10% Investor in the subject.

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